Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Please call and request "She's A Lady" that would Pwn!

KXXM – Mix 96.1

San Antonio, TX

Phone Requests: 210.470.5961

Text Request: 96262




WXKB – B103.9

Ft. Myers, FL

Phone Request: 239-765-1039 or 239-732-1039

Online Song Request: http://www.b1039.com/index.php?page=10

WFLY – FLY 92.3

Albany, NY

Phone Request: 518-476-9200

KQMQ – 93.1 The Zone

Honolulu, HI

Phone Request: 808-296-9393

WFMF – 102.5

Baton Rouge, LA

Phone Request: 225-499-1025


KLAL – Alice 107.7

Little Rock, AR

Phone Request: 501-433-1077

WZEE – Z 104

Madison, WI

Phone Request: 608-321-0436

Online Request: http://www.mediabase.com/mmrweb/7/stationplaylistrequest.asp?format=H1&c_let=WZEE-FM


KSMB – 94.5

Lafayette, LA

Phone Request: 337-920-5762





KWNZ – Z 93.7

Reno, NV

Phone Request: 775-793-1234

Online Request: www.z937fm.com/songrequest.asp





KRCK – 97.7 Hot Hits

Palm Springs, CA

Phone Requests: 888-977-5725

Email Request: air@krck.com



WXXX – 95 Triple X

Burlington, VT

Phone Request: 888-805-9595

Email Request: fm@95triplex.com

KSLZ – Z 107.7

St. Louis, MO

Phone Request: 888-570-1077

Email Request: http://www.z1077.com/cc-common/mainheadlines2.html?feed=108668&article=370306


KSPW – Power 96.5

Springfield, MO

Phone Request: 417-862-9965

WHHD – HD 98.3

Augusta, GA

Phone Request: 706-922-0983


WIXX – 101

Green Bay, WI

Phone Request: 920-406-1011

DJ emails:

Murphy: Murphy@wixx.com

John Maino: maino@wixx.com

Katie: Katie@wixx.com

David Burns: burns@wixx.com

Jason Hillery: jason@wixx.com

Average Joe: averagejoe@wixx.com

Otis Day: otis@wixx.com

Jeff Leppard: jeff@wixx.com

Mark Turner: mark@wixx.com

Casey Jones: caseyjones@wixx.com

KDND – 107.9 The End

Sacramento, CA

Email Request: ChrisK@endonline.com

Phone Request: 916-334-1092




KRUF – K94.5 Hit Music Channel

Shreveport, LA

Phone Request: 318-320-9436

Email Request: http://www.k945.com/content_page.php?pid=requests

WEZB – B97FM All The Hits

New Orleans, LA

Phone Requset: 888-340-9797 or 504-260-9797





WCGQ – Q107.3

Columbus, GA

Email requests:




Phone Request: 706-327-1217


WYKS – KISS 105.3

Gainesville, FL

Phone Request: 800-330-1053 or 352-331-1080


WDJQ – Q92

Canton, OH

Phone Requests: 330-450-9292 or 800-743-9292


WXXL – XL 106.7

Orlando, FL

Phone Requests: 407-919-1067 or 877-919-1067

Text Request: 30885





Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SHELL SHOCK! I also figured out how the ninja turtles were made

Today in cinncinatti I got to go to the aquarium with Austin and our
girlies and they had a bird exibit. I bought a little cup of nectar
that I had to withhold myself from drinking and got to feed some
birdies. This was fun nothing compared to seeing Austin get doo dooed
on haha all down the front of his jacket. To top that though I saw a
lady get pooped on and she cleaned it off and then when she wasn't
looking one bird nailed her in the back of the head and she didn't
notice. Gotta give it up for me for not letting her know haha. I
couldn't let an oppertunity like that pass by me!

So we drove from new jersey to penn. And this is what we got to see.
Haha not really but we did have to drive through a blizzard and I have
to admit I was a little uneasy in my sleeping but we have a
ballllllllin bus driver named C-Dub and he pulled it out. And after a
long needed update I will be posting up some more pictures and gooblah

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

Check out this dope Capri sun blanket a fan made us in Oregon!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

This could be one of the coolest things ever. It's our ap ad in new
York city

Friday, October 10, 2008

What's up everyone!!!!! So this is the third day on sassyback and I
figure hey why not have daily picture taking contests. It's gotta be
from a camera phone and you gotta take the coolest picture during the
day and post it up on here. This is mine for the day in new hamshire.
It's called posideon beach

Thursday, September 4, 2008

about time

sorry i haven't updated in a while, been getting back into the grove of being home. i'll pick this back up for cobra and do some blogging in between here and there. 

we just got a new phone number that you can call us on, it is 8177175836. you can leave us messages and check our old messages and we can call you back.

today i cleaned my car for three hours. haha, basically all of us have just been home relaxing and getting ready to go back out on tour first to europe and then around america for the rest of fall. which reminds me, if you haven't gotten your tickets for the cobra tour you should. 

also, last reminder, start calling your local radio stations every day, three times a day requesting she's a lady. see you all very soooooon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

no internet

well we havent had any internet and the only reason i have it now is cause im stealing from another bus!  so we will continue the trading after i get back from japan in a week.  i will take some pictures and get some cool stuff.  talk to yall soon

Sunday, August 3, 2008

first trade

im really digging the domo plush doll.
i have created an email so you dont have to release mailing information on the internet.  
the email is ftskblog@gmail.com 
please only email it if you are trading so i can keep everything straight.  
so whoever that wants to trade the domo doll email that and we will get it going so we can start the next trade.... be thinking of what you wanna trade for the domo doll.

Okay so here it is. The first item. A 1.14 snarling dog pick with grip
on it. I used it today at our Myspace acoustic set in minnesota. Let
everyone know it has begun. Also let me know if you are in the area of
us on tour and then you can bring it or we can arrange mailing addresses

Saturday, August 2, 2008

so its set

the monkey stays with poppa.  what should the first item be?  anyone have an idea?

check it

so i have been thinking of this all day and this is what i have come up with.  I feel bad for trading the monkey someone gave me and i really really like it.  so if you are reading this (the girl that gave it to me ) please let me know if you want me to find something else and i will gladly change the item.... actually we could just have the fans vote on the first item.  let me know!  also instead of going big in the first trade lets keep it going for a little bit and trade up small so it will last longer.... cause i dont know what else you would trade after a nintendo sp haha.  so let me know your thoughts 

Okay so it starts with this sweet monkey that I got from a fan. It has
velcro on it's hands so it can hold onto stuff. It's white obviously
and very soft. I have named him rasberry. Tell all your friends and
get the to comment on here with things they would trade for him. You

Friday, August 1, 2008

This was the most gnarly thing I have ever seen. It was literally
sunny. I went to the Merch booth and came out and this huge cloud was
rolling in. It looked like a giant piece of sushi coming at us. The
cloud was really low and it got really windy and cold. Coulda been a
tornado but it passed in like 15 min. Crazyyyyy. So we will do one red
paper clip and see what we can get. You guys just gotta get more
people involved so we can do it all over the country

Thursday, July 31, 2008


what a scorcher today! haha.  well we just got done signing at the myspace tent and are gonna play pretty soon.  hopefully after that i get to eat, i seem to forget to do that during the busy days.  tonight is another denny's with all time low, we the kings and shwayze i believe.  right now you can get my worst nightmare downloadable on our myspace if you havent already seen that.  

one other question, has anyone seen one red paper clip????  that sounds like fun haha we should do it, that way i will have more to blog about and meet more kids in every town.  let me know what yall think

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


go check it out.  modlife.com we just made a profile on it.... we will be having chats n such on there

Sunday, July 27, 2008

There came a storm today right as we walked on stage. After we got
through whoa oh we had to stop cause it was lightning and coming down
so hard. But the kids were insane in Scranton Penn. We got to sing a
few songs with them just voices so that was pretty tight. Props to
them sticking through all of the rain. I tried to get a picture of it
but didn't have my phone

Friday, July 25, 2008

I know you really can't see it. But that is a bloated dead rat I saw

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Here is a pic
Well it looks like our luck has changed. For the past 2 days it has
rained before and after we play not during!!!! Today is also next to a
theme park but it seems the rain will not let us go. Lameeeee!!!!!!
There was something else I was gonna say but I forgot. I'll post it
when I think of it

Marc Stewart
Forever the Sickest Kids

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


So today in HOT TOPIC we did a little in store acoustic set and a signing.  It was pretty tight, about 200 kids showed up and we got to give away a pair of warped tour tickets.  If you want us to come to one near you, you should call into your local hot topic and bug them about it.  They are really fun.... but that really isnt the point of the blog.... the point is that a 6 year old kid came to it and could play rockband and guitar hero on expert.  im sure he could put me to shame haha

Monday, July 21, 2008

Haha yes it rained!!! But I didn't let it get me down because
Montreal blessed us with this beautiful sunset. Yes I got a little
emotional haha

We also got this dollar a while back. Thought it was awesome

So here is my amazing picture I was talking about. In Toronto they
didn't have a mechanical bull but a mechanical razor. I thought it
ruled. But I didn't get the chance to ride it. And I'll give anyone a
high five if you can guess what it did yesterday while we played

Saturday, July 19, 2008

we are cursed

so every time it rains it seems that we are playing on warped tour. haha i think it is our curse. but they crowds are always awesome and make us forget about it. right now we are in toronto i believe, and thats why i havent put up pictures today cause i have no internet on my phone in Canada. as soon as we are back in the states i have a great one to put up. so in closing everyone spread the love of the new forever the sickest kids blog and lets get some more people on here!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This is the bubble hockey table at interpunk where me and Austin
creamed everyone at the party! Boo yahhhhhhh. We didn't really cream
anyone but it sounds pretty cool

We got to go to interpunk hq today to play a little acoustic set and
eat breakfast for some contest winners in Virginia. It was really
awesome to go in and see everyone and tour their warehouse. I had some
crazy good apple turnovers for breakfast there and tried to pogo but
I'm not so good at it haha.
This is their wall of poster which amazes me how man there were. I
couldnt get them all in with my phone haha.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Denny's in Charlotte

So we are here at the Virginia beach warped tour and I needed a
picture that described the day. Today could be. Not saying it is but
could be the best feeling day ever! I hope everyone elses town
descides to be nice and bring us amazing weather. We did another
dennys last night with fftl. Say anything. Katy perry. Maylene and the
sons of disaster who rule. And gym class it was off the hoooooook!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today in Miami. I think it might rain

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where you at Dallas!!!

This could be the biggest pizza EVER


So this is our first blog spot, and hopefully we can turn this into something awesome for you guys.  We will get pictures and videos and stories of our days on the road for you soon!