Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where you at Dallas!!!


Anonymous said...

ah i bet that was fun being in texas :]

Anonymous said...

Yeahh, I was at the very front :D

Bubba56 said...

You Guys are amazing! Such an inspiration for my band Cloud Nine and especially on the CD we're making. I mean you guys are the reason we added a keyboard into our band in the first place haha. I live inner city dallas and if that pic is warped tour (which i think it is?) i was there! So just saying you guys are probably my favorite band and this blog is tight!
here's our myspace: (oh and don't judge us from our old stufff that's on the myspace :/)


Anonymous said...

I was there. :] Love you guys. -Cat

haleynicole said...

I was there with my brother!
You guys were amazing!
I got my borhter listening to your music all the time and we both love you guys!

Sam! said...

Coming to Dallas for the cowboys v san fran in november!!!!!
you guys should be there!
see you back in cali!

Sarahtonin said...

heyhey.. it's were.

and yes. I was. :] Except I was too exhausted to be in the pit. Still a good show though.

M3G@N said...

haha i was there!!
it was insaneee!!
you guys were super amazing. geeze.
the pit was crazy, it was super awesome when i got water straight to the face from the whatseemedtobe ice cold water gun :)
i was like ah!!
haha. one of the best memories i'll ever have!
i was like probably 3-4 rows from front. i was working my way up there XD
stayed 3 sets before, so i could be close to the front :)
soooo wort it!
can't wait to see you guys sooooonnn!!
wow. that was a long comment haha

Anjelica said...

amagawd. i think i see my hand.

Becky_Starz said...

Woop! Texas!

"The Stars And Light Are Big And Bright...DEEP IN THE HEART OF TEXAS!!" haha Austin That Was So Random At The House Of Blues =]