Saturday, July 19, 2008

we are cursed

so every time it rains it seems that we are playing on warped tour. haha i think it is our curse. but they crowds are always awesome and make us forget about it. right now we are in toronto i believe, and thats why i havent put up pictures today cause i have no internet on my phone in Canada. as soon as we are back in the states i have a great one to put up. so in closing everyone spread the love of the new forever the sickest kids blog and lets get some more people on here!!!


Anjelica said...

rain could be a good thing.

the crowd loves the rain because that means it's not as hot.

anneskibibblez said...

that rain was so intense, and so was the crowd
but you guys were amazing today with the acoustic and on the ernie ball stage. :)

Jamie said...

The rain was refreshing at first.
But after you were thoroughly soaked it wasn't so much...
It was pretty killer though.
Rounded out the whole, Warped Experience.
Have fun with it all.

Anonymous said...

Rain is a blessing and curse.
It can cool you off.
But It can also kill what you
bought at the tour.

I told a few of my friends about this blog.
Hopefully they get on and comment!

Anonymous said...

im glad there was shade on the 16th

thank goodness for that.

Anonymous said...

i've never been to Canada...
but i can't wait til my warped date in 10 days!!
hopefully it doesn't rain then =]

Anonymous said...

do me.

Madison said...

I hope it doesn't rain on the 29th when I'm at Warped to see you guys in Pittsburgh!

Courtney said...

Oh my, that rain came down hard.
I went to the Farewell set before and just as they started playing it poured. So they cut the set short because they didn't want to ruin the guitars you lent them.
The crowd was fun.
Can't wait until you come back in the fall =)

Anonymous said...


glad it didnt rain in SF.