Thursday, July 24, 2008

Well it looks like our luck has changed. For the past 2 days it has
rained before and after we play not during!!!! Today is also next to a
theme park but it seems the rain will not let us go. Lameeeee!!!!!!
There was something else I was gonna say but I forgot. I'll post it
when I think of it

Marc Stewart
Forever the Sickest Kids


Anjelica said...


that's amazing.
i hope that it stay's that way for ya'll

Anonymous said...

I promise it will not rain in camden!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are following a storm or something xD
Look! The storm is going that way! Lets follow! haha.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday was INSANE with the rain :o I'm just glad it stopped long enough for you guys to play! :]

Anonymous said...

heheh i love the music <3

oh and yeah boston was horrible weather. i thought i was gunna die
in a tornado thunder lightning storm.

glad i got to talk to you marc <3
goodjob w/ the set also. tinyy stage
compared to sf warped but you boys
still rocked it.

seeya nextt month again hopefully


Anonymous said...

yeah, it does seem to be raining a whole lot this summer.
it sucks that all the precipitation this year is coming in the form of rain rather than snow. i would much prefer snow. =/

it didn't rain in maryland!!