Thursday, July 31, 2008


what a scorcher today! haha.  well we just got done signing at the myspace tent and are gonna play pretty soon.  hopefully after that i get to eat, i seem to forget to do that during the busy days.  tonight is another denny's with all time low, we the kings and shwayze i believe.  right now you can get my worst nightmare downloadable on our myspace if you havent already seen that.  

one other question, has anyone seen one red paper clip????  that sounds like fun haha we should do it, that way i will have more to blog about and meet more kids in every town.  let me know what yall think


kayla said...

what is "one red paper clip"?
haha but dennys with forever the sickest kids, we the kings, all time low, and shwayze sounds amazing!
i would kill to just be eating dinner then look over and see all of you guys.

hahaha =]

Christianne said...

I'd like to see where an ftsk one red paper clip thing would go. I'd participate. I don't think I'd be able to trade anything like a house though lol.

thisismejeska said...

haha wow eating at denny's with yall, all time low, we the kings and shwayze would be a dream come true haha. when yall come back to san antonio, we shall do it! :) and lets do that one red paper clip thing ! :D ilyy

Anonymous said...

lets do the one red paper clip!!!!!!

lapi1215 said...

i would have to say that one red paper clip is not just a fabulous idea...

but one that should be carried out ASAP.

just a suggestion =]


kayla said...

just kidding. i found out what one red paper clip was.
lets do that!
maybe i can trade one red paper clip for, maybe FTSK?

Anonymous said...

Hm, what's one red paper clip?
I wish I went to Dennys in dallas
when yall guys went but i couldnt.

shelby said...

i just searched one red paper clip. that's so sweet. i think it's a great idea. im so glad you're still posting here, too. (:

shelby said...

oh, and for you who don't know what one red paper clip is, read this! :)

Anonymous said...

How about when you guys come to the last warped tour date (8/17) we go and have Denny's with of course you guys, ATL, WTK and all your other pals.
Sounds like a plan? ;)

sweetone125 said...

so i just watched 20/20's one red paper clip story on youtube and it was really cool. except i would probably be trading something like the fish pen hahaha.

Anonymous said...

wow, i actually got chills reading that article posted by shelby. that's pretty incredible and even more so that he not only fulfilled his goal, but helped fulfill the dreams of others as well. it's cases like these that make you realize that people aren't all selfish and egotistical, only looking out for his/her best interests. sometimes you just have to have faith and not take life so seriously. if a paperclip can get you a house, you really can do anything.

Madison said...

Wow, that story is amazing. And I think it's a fantastic idea! :D

marcftsk said...

and not to get a house i just think it would be a fun thing to do with fans haha

LaDiDa said...

yea, but you have to have a really good end goal

Courtney said...

lmfao don't you guys ever get sick of Denny's?

Anonymous said...

marc, i love that idea
stuff like that, meant to get fans working together is awesome
what would you be aiming for to trade though?
i think it makes sense to set some kind of goal

dude, instead of one red paper clip, make it one pink flamingo
i will definitely be first in line to trade

Anonymous said...


dennys w. you boys would be rad.
and with atl and wtk?
basically top 3 favorite bands
on warped for me...
lucky for those going.

Anonymous said...

XD you sure you wouldn't want a house??

Cara Kabam said...

Hahaha, awuh that sounds like quite the dinner XD

I love Denny's (: it's up there with IHOP, for me.

d00d, the red paper clip thing would be gnarlyy!
Only in a different color, A RAINBOW PAPERCLIP!
I'd trade for a rainbow one.

Anonymous said...

hey guys (=
i was at dennys last night!
WOO! but you werent in
there =/ i saw you outside but
then you were gone! and so was
caleb and everyone else but
jonathan and kyle! rawr!
i was second row at your
show at warped! i got killed =/
lmao! but it was so worth it!
you guys are amazzzzing! <3
cant wait to see you again!


Erika-Lindsey said...

totally do the one red paperclip! start with a bag of gummy bears or something.
:D Go gummy bears.
or a signed picture of caleb dancing. Lol.

nevertheless, do eet!
and tell us on your myspace! :DD