Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We got to go to interpunk hq today to play a little acoustic set and
eat breakfast for some contest winners in Virginia. It was really
awesome to go in and see everyone and tour their warehouse. I had some
crazy good apple turnovers for breakfast there and tried to pogo but
I'm not so good at it haha.
This is their wall of poster which amazes me how man there were. I
couldnt get them all in with my phone haha.


Anonymous said...

I wish my wall had that many posters. lmao

Anonymous said...

awww that sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

i totally forgot about that pogo stick! i vaguely remember seeing jonathan bouncing around on it in my peripheral view while i was playing air hockey and i remember thinking, i want to do that! ... but i forgot. i guess i was too concentrated on not losing XD

it was fun! i'm so happy you guys came!!!