Sunday, July 27, 2008

There came a storm today right as we walked on stage. After we got
through whoa oh we had to stop cause it was lightning and coming down
so hard. But the kids were insane in Scranton Penn. We got to sing a
few songs with them just voices so that was pretty tight. Props to
them sticking through all of the rain. I tried to get a picture of it
but didn't have my phone


Madison said...

oh no i hope it doesn't rain in pittsburgh on tuesday

Anonymous said...

Yup, it`s official.
You guys are cursed.
Maybe the sky doesnt
like how much yall
pwn on the stage?

Anonymous said...

wait so you tried to take a picture of it without your phone?
i can just picture you standing there like holding an invisible phone trying to get a photo then just being like "shit i don't have my phone!"

Anjelica said...


i hope it stops raining on ya'll.

Anonymous said...

aww you guys have the worst of luck!

Anonymous said...

it stormed here in maryland... WHILE I WAS WAITING IN LINE. i actually got completely soaked, even through all my layers. and the most insane part is, IT STARTED HAILING! huge pellets of ice rocks like bullets into our sides, but it was incredible.

FTSK19 said...

i was def standing in the rain to see you's. yous were awesome :) best time of my life!!!!

xsmilez15x said...

i was there! you guys were like the highlight of my day. (esp since i caught one of the shirts that got thrown off stage. =])too bad you didnt come back out to finish your set, or sign at your tent. the kid who ran your merch tent didnt know anything. that really sucked. but you guys are kickass. have fun with the rest of your tour! <3