Wednesday, August 6, 2008

no internet

well we havent had any internet and the only reason i have it now is cause im stealing from another bus!  so we will continue the trading after i get back from japan in a week.  i will take some pictures and get some cool stuff.  talk to yall soon

Sunday, August 3, 2008

first trade

im really digging the domo plush doll.
i have created an email so you dont have to release mailing information on the internet.  
the email is 
please only email it if you are trading so i can keep everything straight.  
so whoever that wants to trade the domo doll email that and we will get it going so we can start the next trade.... be thinking of what you wanna trade for the domo doll.

Okay so here it is. The first item. A 1.14 snarling dog pick with grip
on it. I used it today at our Myspace acoustic set in minnesota. Let
everyone know it has begun. Also let me know if you are in the area of
us on tour and then you can bring it or we can arrange mailing addresses

Saturday, August 2, 2008

so its set

the monkey stays with poppa.  what should the first item be?  anyone have an idea?

check it

so i have been thinking of this all day and this is what i have come up with.  I feel bad for trading the monkey someone gave me and i really really like it.  so if you are reading this (the girl that gave it to me ) please let me know if you want me to find something else and i will gladly change the item.... actually we could just have the fans vote on the first item.  let me know!  also instead of going big in the first trade lets keep it going for a little bit and trade up small so it will last longer.... cause i dont know what else you would trade after a nintendo sp haha.  so let me know your thoughts 

Okay so it starts with this sweet monkey that I got from a fan. It has
velcro on it's hands so it can hold onto stuff. It's white obviously
and very soft. I have named him rasberry. Tell all your friends and
get the to comment on here with things they would trade for him. You

Friday, August 1, 2008

This was the most gnarly thing I have ever seen. It was literally
sunny. I went to the Merch booth and came out and this huge cloud was
rolling in. It looked like a giant piece of sushi coming at us. The
cloud was really low and it got really windy and cold. Coulda been a
tornado but it passed in like 15 min. Crazyyyyy. So we will do one red
paper clip and see what we can get. You guys just gotta get more
people involved so we can do it all over the country