Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Please call and request "She's A Lady" that would Pwn!

KXXM – Mix 96.1

San Antonio, TX

Phone Requests: 210.470.5961

Text Request: 96262

WXKB – B103.9

Ft. Myers, FL

Phone Request: 239-765-1039 or 239-732-1039

Online Song Request:

WFLY – FLY 92.3

Albany, NY

Phone Request: 518-476-9200

KQMQ – 93.1 The Zone

Honolulu, HI

Phone Request: 808-296-9393

WFMF – 102.5

Baton Rouge, LA

Phone Request: 225-499-1025

KLAL – Alice 107.7

Little Rock, AR

Phone Request: 501-433-1077

WZEE – Z 104

Madison, WI

Phone Request: 608-321-0436

Online Request:

KSMB – 94.5

Lafayette, LA

Phone Request: 337-920-5762

KWNZ – Z 93.7

Reno, NV

Phone Request: 775-793-1234

Online Request:

KRCK – 97.7 Hot Hits

Palm Springs, CA

Phone Requests: 888-977-5725

Email Request:

WXXX – 95 Triple X

Burlington, VT

Phone Request: 888-805-9595

Email Request:

KSLZ – Z 107.7

St. Louis, MO

Phone Request: 888-570-1077

Email Request:

KSPW – Power 96.5

Springfield, MO

Phone Request: 417-862-9965

WHHD – HD 98.3

Augusta, GA

Phone Request: 706-922-0983

WIXX – 101

Green Bay, WI

Phone Request: 920-406-1011

DJ emails:


John Maino:


David Burns:

Jason Hillery:

Average Joe:

Otis Day:

Jeff Leppard:

Mark Turner:

Casey Jones:

KDND – 107.9 The End

Sacramento, CA

Email Request:

Phone Request: 916-334-1092

KRUF – K94.5 Hit Music Channel

Shreveport, LA

Phone Request: 318-320-9436

Email Request:

WEZB – B97FM All The Hits

New Orleans, LA

Phone Requset: 888-340-9797 or 504-260-9797

WCGQ – Q107.3

Columbus, GA

Email requests:

Phone Request: 706-327-1217

WYKS – KISS 105.3

Gainesville, FL

Phone Request: 800-330-1053 or 352-331-1080

WDJQ – Q92

Canton, OH

Phone Requests: 330-450-9292 or 800-743-9292

WXXL – XL 106.7

Orlando, FL

Phone Requests: 407-919-1067 or 877-919-1067

Text Request: 30885

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Saturday, November 22, 2008

SHELL SHOCK! I also figured out how the ninja turtles were made

Today in cinncinatti I got to go to the aquarium with Austin and our
girlies and they had a bird exibit. I bought a little cup of nectar
that I had to withhold myself from drinking and got to feed some
birdies. This was fun nothing compared to seeing Austin get doo dooed
on haha all down the front of his jacket. To top that though I saw a
lady get pooped on and she cleaned it off and then when she wasn't
looking one bird nailed her in the back of the head and she didn't
notice. Gotta give it up for me for not letting her know haha. I
couldn't let an oppertunity like that pass by me!

So we drove from new jersey to penn. And this is what we got to see.
Haha not really but we did have to drive through a blizzard and I have
to admit I was a little uneasy in my sleeping but we have a
ballllllllin bus driver named C-Dub and he pulled it out. And after a
long needed update I will be posting up some more pictures and gooblah

Tuesday, October 28, 2008