Saturday, August 2, 2008

so its set

the monkey stays with poppa.  what should the first item be?  anyone have an idea?


JORR_BELLO said...

thank you marc [ :

and it's awesome that you love my gift : D

your amazing and the sweetest person in the world.

i love you.

btw i'm jorr if you wanna know the name of the chick who gave the mnkey to you : D

Anonymous said...

Jorr is my best friend
no joke.


JORR_BELLO said...

i think you should trade headbands?

haah i like head bands

hartatack said...

yes trade headbands, that would be awesome

ali said...

for your first trade i would use a cookie! everyone loves a cookie

Christianne said...

start small with a guitar pick, kyle's used nose ring, or a pencil.

Anonymous said...

i say start with a guitar pick.

Anonymous said...

-guitar pick

lapi1215 said...

used manties =]

just a thought. haha

i kid =P

Anonymous said...

i have a pretty big pin that i'm willing to trade that says: grilled cheese.
it's pretty sweet.

kayla anne said...

you can trade stuffed animals.. or.. beanie babies!

ha. flashback to my childhood. lol

Anonymous said...

aw im glad you decided to keep the monkey from the fan :D

& for trades
you should do like personal things becuz that's prly would fans are gonna be bring you. ahah.

um like the ppl above me said. guitar picks, headbands, shoelaces, bracelets, tee shirts, cds, ps3 games, shoes, etc. and you can obviz work your way up to things like horses, houses, boats and things of that nature.

lmao xD

mrskyleburns said...

i think i should be the first item.


Anonymous said...

ZOMG "kyle's old nose ring" XD that's the funniest thing i've heard all day (granted it is 9 in the morning and i've just woken up, but still).

i'm happy you chose to stay with the monkey. you shouldn't have to give up something that someone else meant for you. i wouldn't want you to trade my pillows XP so i'm glad. how are those, by the way, the pillows? they're prolly too small to be of any real use =(

mm, how about that sharpie that says forever the sickest kids on it, a keychain, a sticker?

elisenoelle said...

i think a guitar pick would be a nice start. ive always wanted a guitar pick from a band.

AND i just wanna say that you guys were amazing at warped tour yesterday in chicago. but i definitely think you should have been on the biggest stage there because chicago absolutely loves you guys.

i got a sweet poster of your guys too and i cant wait to hang it up after it like, flattens from being moshed upon hahaha. see you october 15thh yeaahhh!