Sunday, August 3, 2008

Okay so here it is. The first item. A 1.14 snarling dog pick with grip
on it. I used it today at our Myspace acoustic set in minnesota. Let
everyone know it has begun. Also let me know if you are in the area of
us on tour and then you can bring it or we can arrange mailing addresses


Madison said...

i'll trade you my tickle me elmo. for real, i've had it for many years and i really like it, but i'd trade you it. and i live in pittsburgh, so i wouldn't be able to personally trade with you until november, but mailing works :)

Anonymous said...

I would trade you:
my pin that says, "grilled cheese."
A purple carabiner

I wouldn't be able to trade with you in person. Arranging mailing addresses would work.

Madison said...

ooh or i could trade my "i love the wumps" pin i got in math class lol
ooh, or this one is really good. i have these 3D hannah montana glasses which are awesome or a bracelet my friend made me that is not so cute and kinda hurts to wear it. or some mexican money. or a grilled cheese sandwich.

Oh, Hello AMANDA said...

i will trade you
my fav braclet that i made that has 6 green beads and a dolphin on it
this really cool skeleton key i found thats from like the 60s

i'm going to ur show in november so mailing would prob be best bet

Ashley said...

ill trade my:
larger than usual bouncyball with two pink hearts on it
tattoo lous butterfly keychain
or my 99cent sippy cup

find me on modlife! bambssx

hartatack said...

i am still willing to trade you a stuffed snowman, named Frostbite, that has a carrot mohawk and it has its ears pierced. or a rubber duck that has tattoes and horns. i live in dallas so we will just have to do it thru mail or when you guys get back to texas

Anonymous said...

ohohoh!! i have this pinstriped mouse that i've had since, like, my first day of kindergarden. but i would give him up for this.

alanie said...

i'll trade you my gigantic dime.
here's a picture of it compared to an actual dime:


maybe[kayd] said...

i will trade you my teddy bear that my friend gave me for x-mas it has M&Ms on it(and i can also put a bag of M&Ms with it if youd like) and i will also trade you a guitar pick that i got from a small band called After Midnight Project

JORR_BELLO said...

i'll trade you three head bands, a ribbon, and brownies for it.

endwithstyle said...

I'll trade you a half-sharpened Buffalo Sabres pencil, or a butterfly pencil with a giant butterfly eraser.

Anonymous said...

how about a fake roach that looks kinda real and a fake fly that laso looks kinds real.

Anonymous said...

oh and i live in florida so id have to mail it.

Anonymous said...

i would trade my light up turtle eraser

Anonymous said...

Ill trade my big pink and purple fuzzy hat i got from Six Flags [x
Its pretty awesome. Especially if you just go around randomly wearing it. I live in Dallas and will be going to the concert in November. So I could just wear it to the concert :P OR. Mailing. atleast mailing wouldnt cost much. haha

Andy+Nads said...

we'll trade you shredded beef jerkey in the little cans, bags of sunflower seeds, tonnnnns of gummy bears, nerds rope tropical and regular, and of course PEACH-O'S! we'll also give you a tickle me cookie monster! and we'll be seeing you october 10th! (:

shelby said...

i want to say my ryland blackinton guitar pick, but i just couldnt.
so ill trade...
a mexico blanket
a feather boa
a senor frogs yard glass from cozumel

bah. i have nothing good.
what is your goal?

Kimbo said...

i will trade a texas key chain that has the state of texas, the flag, a cowboy boot, and a longhorn

Kimbo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimbo said...

the texas keychain i described above:

Christianne said...

a spork and napkin from kfc. i won't get to see you until next wednesday though.

hartatack said...

or i will trade my "Angry Penguin" hat i got from Dallas Warped Tour [=

ali said...

i will trade you a domo plush!

Anonymous said...

i'll trade you my alex suarez guitar pick.

lapi1215 said...

i'll trade you my lucky two dollar bill


ten potato guns with potatoes

my show is nov.12 in ft.lauderdale fl


see you all then.

Anonymous said...

you can have my good charlotte dolls haha
benji joel paul chris and billy, all chillin in a box

Anonymous said...

green and turquoise dragon fly wind-up toy
moves really fast and flaps its wings
except i don't see you again until the end of the november
give us updates as to what you're trading at the moment so we can bring the right stuff?
i bet you'll be beyond my dragon fly by november

mysexytruckerhat said...

my andy hurley doll that is hanging by a noose from my review mirror

and i can get you a red paperclip...

Potato said...

I could trade a rainbow slinky or an orange one or one of those big-headed dog keychains. (:
& I'm going to Warped Tour on August 15th so we could trade then.

Potato said...

Oh, also I have a miniature gnome that you could put on your desk or something.

Anik3oh3 said...

You know whattt
Ive got this purple lava lamp just sitting here.
That's pretty retro, and a fair trade.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's a pretty perfect start. mmm, i'm thinking you should probably keep it to face to face trade-offs or else it could get really confusing through the mail. granted, most of us would have to wait MONTHS to even get a chance to participate, but anticipation isn't always so bad. it's unbearable, but completely worth it.

or, you could just mail everyone your used guitar picks. XD i think that would make everyone very happy

this doesnt' really apply to this blog in any way, but i kinda just cant contain myself. AO;IF;AIWEJFOAIJWEOI i just finished breaking dawn and DAMN i could never have predicted ANY of that. mmmm i miss staying up all night, unable to put a book down even though every once of my being is begging me to sleeep. i miss fighting with hundred-pounded eyelids. =)

infatuatedxx said...

I want that.
haha, :]

I would trade you the pick I got from Motion City Soundtracks set when they toured with Panic.

and just about anything else that i own.

my perks of being a wallflower book. :)
or Choke.

the final fantasy x-2 game and cheat book (stategy guide) haha.
I havn't played it in like -- three/four years.

Anonymous said...

ill trade you my sounds like a fair trade..hahaha