Saturday, August 2, 2008

check it

so i have been thinking of this all day and this is what i have come up with.  I feel bad for trading the monkey someone gave me and i really really like it.  so if you are reading this (the girl that gave it to me ) please let me know if you want me to find something else and i will gladly change the item.... actually we could just have the fans vote on the first item.  let me know!  also instead of going big in the first trade lets keep it going for a little bit and trade up small so it will last longer.... cause i dont know what else you would trade after a nintendo sp haha.  so let me know your thoughts 


Anonymous said...

I concur with you. We should start off with smaller items and as this grows, we should trade off bigger items. Hence, "bigger and better". (:

JORR_BELLO said...

i don't think you should trade the monkey i gave you.

cause it would make me sad ..

i love you !

Anonymous said...

yeeah, i dunno what people would be able to trade for: an ipod, iphone, ninendo ds, gameboy, POKEMON BLUE