Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today in cinncinatti I got to go to the aquarium with Austin and our
girlies and they had a bird exibit. I bought a little cup of nectar
that I had to withhold myself from drinking and got to feed some
birdies. This was fun nothing compared to seeing Austin get doo dooed
on haha all down the front of his jacket. To top that though I saw a
lady get pooped on and she cleaned it off and then when she wasn't
looking one bird nailed her in the back of the head and she didn't
notice. Gotta give it up for me for not letting her know haha. I
couldn't let an oppertunity like that pass by me!


Kimi said...

oh birdies. :)

you're such a meanie for not telling her! <3 but it made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

only you would not tell someone a bird had shit on their head lmao

Courtney said...

Lmfao marc you make me laugh.
I work at a pet store and I love the birds there. I haven't had one of them shit on me yet :)

Anonymous said...

that bird must've had it in for her XP

Jekkie said...

lol you pwn Marc. That bit about the turtles made me lol.

Chuck said...

HAHA, I remember going there, I loved that whole building in general. Did you go across the Purple People Bridge? :D